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Asiakaspalvelutonttu – Joulupukin Kammari

A Typical Workday As a customer care elf at the Santa Claus Office, I had different responsibilities, depending on the type of shift. My most frequent duties included: greeting customers after they had met Santa Claus, showing them their photos and videos, guiding them in their choice and purchase, and helping to leave them with…

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I started in the Lapland Safaris Rovaniemi office as an activity guide, and afterward, I worked as a safari guide full-time (from 2018 until 2020) and as a freelancer only Christmas season from 2021 onwards. During these years, I think I’ve done every imaginable non-supervisor work task this company has.   Working as a safari guide…

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When I took a sabbatical from my typical office job I never would have imagined working as an Elf Guide in Finnish Lapland at some point. Not even starting to think I would find a place where I would feel truly “at home”.      My five biggest takeaways from this magical time were:   1.…

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Every day as a Sleddog Guide is different because we have different customers and weather conditions as well as changing daily schedules. We also have different kinds of safaris so the days are quite versatile, and that’s why it never gets boring!  I arrive at work 15 minutes before I start working, so I have…

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Snowmobile Sleigh Driver

I worked as a Snowmobile Sleigh Driver in Saariselkä and would like to tell you about my experiences!   When I first went, I was a bit nervous about the cold weather, but at the end of 1 week, the cold weather gave me peace, I had no complaints, and my body was used to…

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