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receptionist, Lapland Hotels Oulu

”As a receptionist, you need to be able to convey the feeling that the customer is stepping into the middle of Lapland”

My first job at Lapland Hotels was in Kuopio, where I applied for an internship at the end of my Hospitality Management studies. I knew I wanted to work in a hotel and I was looking at different options online. Lapland Hotels seemed the best fit for me out of all of them. After becoming a breakfast waiter at Gallá Kitchen & Bar in spring 2021, I continued working part-time alongside my studies. When my studies started to approach the final stretch, I came to the conclusion that I was able to apply for a full-time job. At the end of 2022, I started working as a receptionist at Lapland Hotels Oulu.

I am originally from Raahe, so the region attracted me and all the other pieces fell into place in my life as well. Right now, I like my work and my job description a lot. My co-workers are really nice and laid-back and we have a good atmosphere. I like the variety of work and feelings of success. My duties include, for example, checking customers into the hotel in the evening and checking them out in the morning. In addition, I answer phone calls and customers' tricky questions, and make bookings. We have a principle of helping customers at all times of the day. Occasionally, I work night shifts, during which I get to check in late arrivals, do paperwork and prepare for the next day, for example. We have a cozy and close-knit work group with little employee turnover.

The new thing this fall is that I was able to fill in for the shift manager when he was on study leave. I think of it as a big development. I was asked if I would like to take on the task and I decided to try it out. The task brings new content to my work: I get to plan things and put them into practice, and generally take on more responsibility. It is a positive thing for me. In this role, you also need to be more of an example for others. In my opinion, Lapland Hotels has good opportunities for advancement – especially if you are open-minded, you can go a long way.

I go to Lapland every year to enjoy nature; for example, to experience the autumn leaves, it is very close to my heart. I also often take advantage of employee benefits: I have stayed in Oulu and visited Ounasvaara. At Lapland Hotels, the work environment is dressed in the Lappish style, but you must also make sure as an employee you convey the feeling that the customer is stepping into the heart of Lapland. The atmosphere is present from the counter all the way to the room. I always strive to be my own honest self in the work community, including with customers. I have a very distinctive Oulu dialect, but many customers say they like it. They say it makes you feel welcome and at home.

My best successes at work are successes on the mental side: when I receive encouragement or praise. I also get a lot of positive feedback from customers about the customer service. You can go a long way with initiative and a mindset focused on customer service in this job.


Annika Mehtälä, receptionist, Lapland Hotels Oulu




Lapland Staff Oy | Yrjö Kokon tie 4 | FI-99300 MUONIO | Tel: +358 400 164 730 | info (@)

Lapland Staff Oy
Yrjö Kokon tie 4 | FI-99300 MUONIO
Tel: +358 400 164 730
info (@)

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