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On the snowy trails with the speedy co-workers

What's it like?

As a sleddog guide you introduce Arctic nature to our international guests and guide them with dog sleds to the snowy tracks into the forest. After the safari it is time to tell about the farm life and rhythm at the kennel. Besides guiding the day consists of building up the sled teams, taking care of dogs health and nutrition and making sure both the dogs and guests are safe. There are also many different kind of maintenance tasks to be done at the farm and in the autumn the main job is training dogs ready for the season, no matter if it rains or snows already ;).

What to expect?

A great sleddog guide is active, social and a true team player. She / he keeps her / his cool in tricky situations and is there where needed in a blink of an eye should anything surprising happen. She / He is a customer service oriented and maybe has previous experience with working dogs. Sleddog guides work in an international environment, so good oral skills in English are essential and other language skills are as advantage (French and German).

Guides need to have First Aid skills, a driving license (B) and Hygiene certificate. The work demands physical strength and good nerves as well as ability to react fast to unexpected situations but all the effort is rewarded tenfold by the dogs happy to see you and customers enjoying their "once in a lifetime" ride! So, if you like people, wanna have a physical work, love dogs and are not afraid to work outside what ever the weather is, then this for sure is your place to work.

How does it work?

This work you learn by doing and following the instructions by the previous staff. You learn all the dogs by name, their personalities and who they run with. You lean how to take care of them, how to feed them, and how to recognize if something is wrong with them. You will find your favorite and the one who releases themselves from the harnesses the quickest. You will learn how to build up teams and how to guide a safari. You will learn the best jokes to tell the guests to make them have a great experience.

Most of the sleddog guide positions are for whole winter season from November until March. Addition for that, for Christmas time we are hiring few customer servants too. Our Lapland Husky Safaris kennels are located in Rovaniemi, Saariselkä, Luosto and Levi-Ylläs area.



Lapland Staff Oy | Yrjö Kokon tie 4 | FI-99300 MUONIO | Tel: +358 400 164 730 | info (@)

Lapland Staff Oy
Yrjö Kokon tie 4 | FI-99300 MUONIO
Tel: +358 400 164 730
info (@)

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